3 Remedies for Excessive Female Hair Loss


It has been estimated that in the United States alone, 25 million women are suffering from hair loss or women pattern baldness. Although the condition resembles that of pattern baldness in men in appearance, its structure is actually different.

There are many reasons why women loss their hair. It could be hormones, stress and genetics. If you find your hair falling off at an alarming rate, what do you do? There are some things that you can to prevent your hair from falling off further and grow back those that have already been lost.

Have a Scalp Massage Regularly

One of the things that you can do to prevent hair loss is to massage your scalp regularly. Every time you shampoo, use a product that is friendly to your scalp, clarifies, will not dry your hair, and will prevent residues from building up in your scalp. While you are still in the shower, take the extra time to massage your scalp. Alternatively, olive oil or other oils that have been made especially for the scalp can be used for massage. Warm the oil first before using it. An oil massage will stimulate follicles, which is essential for growing hair.

Give you Hair More Freedom

One of the symptoms associated with hair loss is fragile hair. If you want to prevent your hair from thinning out, keep away from chemicals and extreme heat. You should have your hair trimmed regularly and avoid excessive use of styling products. Styling accessories such as ponytail holders and barrettes can also cause substantial damage to your crowning glory.

Try Professional Hair Formula for Hair Growth

If you are going to search for a hair loss formula, you can find plenty of them in the market but bear in mind that a lot of them have been made for male pattern baldness. In purchasing a professional formula for female hair growth, always see to it that it has been made especially for women.

One of the main reasons why women loss their hair is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. In looking for a hair growth formula, try to find out if it limits the production of DHT in your body. Take a look at the reviews written about the product by women who have tried using the formula. If it has a lot of negative things said about it, it is probably not worth trying. Conversely, a product that has excessive positive reviews may turn out to be a scam, so always be wary when conducting your investigation.



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