Doing Exercises to Increase Height – Make Yourself Taller in Weeks!

Life can be unfair…even more so if you have to spend the rest of your life being shorter than the rest of the guys. That is why adult men and women around the world today are going to extents of having limb lengthening surgery, no matter how painful and expensive the process may be.

What THEY do not know is there is actually an easier and less painful way to grow taller, at any age! Fitness experts have come up with simple stretching exercises to increase height that can help men and women of any age to realize their dream of being tall.

The workout routines have been specially designed to target specific parts of your body and stimulate your growth process to work once again. And when I say simple, I really do mean simple.

You do not need to hop into the gym everyday and get on those expensive machines to workout. There is no gadget or device for you to buy either. It’s just you, your body, and the simple stretching motion employed in the exercises.

Your body reacts to these stretches by producing a higher amount of human growth hormone (HGH) into your body system. The HGH travels in your bloodstream, and instructs the liver to produce a protein substance called insulin-like growth factor #1 (IGF-1).

IGF-1 is what makes your height increase possible. It helps the cartilage at the ends of your long bones (thigh and shin bones) to multiply and thicken, adding a few inches at every spot.

Not only does your body increase in height through the thickening of your cartilage, stretching exercises also help to correct your spinal alignment and curvature. Your spine gets extended to its optimal length, giving you a few more inches of height increase.

This may all seem too good to be true for you now. Afterall, all of us grew up being told there is no way an adult can ever grow any taller than he already is.

These exercises to increase height have been proven to work through recent scientific studies that back up the theory that exercises CAN help you grow taller. But a far more better proof would of course be the testimonials of thousands of people who have achieved success in getting taller this way.

So my question to you is…are you SERIOUS about increasing your height?

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