Do Grow Taller Exercises Really Help in Increasing Height?

For many of you who have been trying to increase height by doing grow taller exercises, the big question in the mind may be – will this really help? Actually speaking there is no simple answer to this question because several factors together help in increasing height. However it is possible to discuss the key benefits of exercise and then decide how important are these benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of grow taller exercises:

1) Stretching exercises help in increasing the thickness of the disks in the spinal column. These exercises also help in elongating some of the bones in case you have still not completed the growth spurt phase. This factor alone can help you to add a few inches to your height.

2) Posture correction exercises will help in making the body linear and thus help you in increasing height. Basically the posture correction grow taller exercises remove any curvature in the bones and the spine. This factor may help you add a few centimeters.

3) Resistance training exercises help in release of extra human growth hormone. The impact of the extra growth hormone normally stays for more than 24 hours. This factor contributes towards the overall growth and will be of more help to those who are still in the growth spurt phase.

4) High intensity grow taller exercises like sprinting help in increasing height by causing micro fractures. Micro fractures heal extremely fast compared to normal fracture and helps you add a very small amount of height. However if you do these activities regularly, then the cumulative effect may add up to a few centimeters.

From the above benefits it is clear that grow taller exercises can definitely help you in increasing height. The increase can be from few centimeters to several inches depending upon the exercises and other factors like diet, sleep, supplements etc.

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