Height Increasing Exercises – Simple Exercise to Increase Your Height

‘Height increasing exercises’ may seem strange to the individuals who subsist in this world with a belief that tall height is hereditarily dependent and nothing can be done in order to get rid of it. No doubt, genetic factors have an importance, but various other aspects are there that can avert one from getting the potential stature.

Here are given some height increasing exercises, one can follow these after consultation of experts


Swimming is a good exercise that aids in lessening compressive powers applied to the spine. When one swims, disks in vertebra tend to expand and it thus aids in adding some inches in height.

Wall stretching exercises

Height increasing exercises involve wall stretching exercises that are helpful in adding few inches in stature. Keep the back against wall and then raise both hands as elevated as possible. In this posture, one will be standing on his toes in fully stretched pose. It helps in removing any curvature of spine and elongates the spine.

Rope skipping

Rope skipping also helps in giving a boon to muscles and bones of thighs as well as lower leg. It causes body to extend and become flexible.

Sprinting at high speed

Sprinting at high speed is the best exercise used by various sports person and athletes. Often, high speed running causes some micro cracks in bones of legs, however these tend to heal within a week or two and aid one to increase height naturally.

Height increasing exercises offer an ideal way to encourage physical boost in one’s stature naturally, even subsequent to the puberty age. There are various exercises available for increasing height; however the most effective is spine stretching exercise which is actually a spinal decompression exercise that aims exclusively to lengthen spinal column.


Height increasing exercises have really proved of great significance when it comes to identifying ways of growing taller naturally. One can realize miraculous results within short duration if does these exercises daily.

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