Practical Exercises to Increase Height – Growing Up As a Grownup

Exercise may be a part of your everyday life. Even during these hectic times in which we live, the importance of exercising remains great. When we think about exercises, we typically focus on burning fat, losing weight, building muscle, etc. A type of exercises you may have not considered, are exercises to increase height. However, if you are displeased about your current height, then you should consider them.

You may be surprised to learn that some researchers have been busy discovering ways to increase your height. Today, people tend to be more concerned about increasing their height through means such as supplements. The main drawback of this method for growing taller is the price tag. However, the benefit of exercising to increase your height is that it is basically free!

Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups

While you probably learned these exercises in elementary school gym class, they are still effective exercises to increase height. You should perform the exercise daily or every other day, depending on your exercise regimen. In addition to boosting your height, these exercises will also provide a workout for various body parts, including the arms, back, obliques, and shoulders. While these two height exercises are very similar, the type of grip that you use defines whether it is a chin-up or pull-up.

The Corpse

Do not fear that this exercise will suck all the life out of you. On the contrary, this is an exercise that will serve as yet another method for gaining height. The goal is to relax and reinvigorate your mind and body, reducing stress in your life.

Ironically, the goal of the exercise is to main conscious while relaxing. This can be quite challenging because you will feel like drifting over to Neverland. Typically people perform this exercise at the end of their workout session. In fact, it is quite an ideal cool-down exercise that you can perform.

The Forward Bend

This exercise stretches various parts of your body, including:


Furthermore, the Forward Bend boosts your height by elongating the spine.

Yoga and Pilates

Regarding exercises to increase height, a wide variety of pilates and yoga exercises are available. You are probably more familiar with yoga than with pilates. The latter is a system of physical fitness that dates back to the ancient Greeks. Such exercises will help to line up your spine properly and prepare it for lengthening.

Examples of such exercises are the Easy Position, and The Cobra. The Easy Position is a starting position that focuses on breathing and areas such as the hips and lower back. Meanwhile, The Cobra strengthens your backbone, arms and backs, etc.

We usually do not merge exercises and height, into exercises to increase height. However, several exercise types can strengthen key muscles throughout your body, and thus increase your height. While your height may never equal an NBA player’s, with diligence and dedication you can add a few inches to your height!

Do you want to learn more about exercises to increase height? Get more information on various effective methods of height exercises to add inches to your current height.

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