How to Increase Height Naturally

How Is Height Determined
Your main growth spurts happen during early childhood and puberty and your final height is determined by a complex combination of genetics, nutrition, lifestyle and hormones. If you had to make a formula for determining height it would look something like this:

(Genetics + Nutrition + Sleep) – Stress = Height

Improve Nutrition
Nutrition is a key factor in all spheres of human development. Mental performance can be just as impacted as height and strength by a change in diet. By far the greatest benefit will be seen by eating fresh fruit and vegetables as these contain large quantities of antioxidants that help repair the body’s systems.

During sleep your body doesn’t just repair itself it’s the time at which your body grows. After 4 hours of sleep your body will enter a growth cycle releasing hormones to stimulate repair and development of the musculature and skeleton. During puberty this will cause an increase in height but during adulthood it has more impact on strength and muscular development. Without adequate sleep your body is effectively running on empty and without the ability to repair or grow you’ll begin to suffer a significant slowing in development. The damage from lack of sleep can’t be underestimated and so at least 7 hours per night are a bare minimum.

Decrease Stress
During stress the body’s priorities will shift form growth, development and repair to survival. In a survival state the body releases powerful hormones to protect against injury and improve immediate physical performance. Height and growth are frozen until the stress response stops. Unfortunately chronic stress is a common problem in modern day society and so many people struggle with their height due to excessive levels of stress. Their height can itself cause stress making the problem worse. Which is why taking up some form of relaxation technique is always a good idea. Yoga is great for its stretching ability as well as relaxation. The same too for some martial arts.

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