Grow Taller Exercises to Increase Your Height

When you combine a proper diet, correct sleeping habits along with grow taller exercises you can and will increase your height. Now of course younger children will benefit and grow taller with a good diet and a proper exercise plan but it will also benefit those who have stopped growing as well.

Here is just a sampling of some exercises that can and will help you to get taller. Please make sure you check with your physician before you over do any exercise program. With any program whether it is a nutritional regiment or an exercise program success will be based on your own dedication and persistence. You can compliment your existing exercise program, if you have one, with these simple but effective exercises. Not only will you feel and look taller with these techniques you will have better posture and be somewhat more flexible.

The first exercise is that of hanging. No not by the neck! Simply grab hold of a chin-up bar and hang there for five to ten minutes each day. Change your grip from time to time and you will also help different muscle to be stimulated. Using a wide grip will accentuate the back and shoulder area although the closer the grip the easier it is to hold on longer.

Touch your toes is an easy to do exercise even if you cannot get all the way down to the toes. What it does is to stretch out the leg muscles and helps the spine to be more flexible. Make sure that you try and keep both your legs and back as straight as possible.

Another stretch that works both the spine and the legs is the basic leg stretch. Get in a sitting position with your legs spread wide and reach for your toes. While keeping your knees as straight as you can reach with both hands to your left set of toes holding for 5 –10 seconds then repeat to your right set of toes and continue for 10 repetitions.

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