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Not only are vertical jumps necessary for basketball and volleyball players alone. A number of athletes specializing in different kinds of sports need this skill as well. However, not all of the sports-minded individuals are gifted with an amazing vertical jump height. But thanks to several exercises, this skill can be easily improved and developed through time. So here, check out these exercises that can help you achieve a good vertical jump height:

• Toe Raises. Through this exercise, strength in your calf muscles can be built. You can perform this either with or without weights. You can do this simply by having your heels hanging in an edge. Then, you can slowly rise with your toes and lower your body down. You can then repeat this process a number of times.

• Squats. This kind of exercise can be the ultimate activity to help improve the overall strength of your legs. You can start by standing and then slowly bending your knees pretending that you are off to sit down. After some time, you can intensify the exercise by lowering your body more until both your thighs are parallel to the ground already.

• Step Ups. This will help in building up your quad muscles, which are necessary in doing vertical jumps. You can make use of a bench or a chair during this exercise. Simply step up and down slowly to and from the bench or chair repeatedly.

These three exercises are only the basic activities you can do to effectively help you improve your vertical jump height. So get yourself ready for a bunch of these exercises on your way to achieving a high vertical jump.

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