How Can I Increase My Vertical Jump 6 Inches

Within 6 days you can get a 6-inch increase on your vertical jump! Yes, you’ve got to believe that this is possible. Since you are not endowed with the height that an athlete would want to have as a basketball player or a volleyball player, this is not entirely a liability. Because there are ways to improve your vertical jump in just a matter of weeks!

How can I increase my vertical jump is a question that is not falling into deaf ears. There are sports professionals who have studied polymetrics, weight training and nutritional requirements in order to answer this question. And luckily, they were able to formulate programs that will improve an athlete’s form, balance and flexibility which are key factors affecting the height of a vertical leap.

For some, this goal is seemingly an unimportant task to spend too much effort on getting it done. But for athletes, for professional athletes, this is crucial. Their athleticism is their bread and butter and they are always on the look out for ways to improve their skills. More often than not, they would rather subject themselves to rigorous training than to go to other extreme measures. Surgery is of course out of the question but pills and medications are also being considered as substitute but it can be very risky especially when you don’t know the credibility of the companies producing these products. Misuse of these medicines packaged as vitamins or energy boosters have caused athletes and sport managers to retire early from sports due to sanctions of their sports organizations.

Athletes should be extra cautious on whom they put their trust on; otherwise, they can be manipulated and this will mean losing all of that they have worked for. Being an athlete can be both a hobby and a career. And for many getting into sports is their way of life.

Jacob Hiller, the author of the Jump Manual is an example of a trainer who has spent time learning the techniques through his association with professional athletes including NBA players and Olympic sportspersons. He provides an athlete a solid training program that will help increase their leaping potential.

Step ups, lunges and toe raises can be your exercise training routine that aims to increase your jump dramatically. However, without the right method, these exercises will have very little impact on your body. With the Jump Manual, there will be a considerable increase in your jump after a few weeks. With intense training, you’ll be able to achieve an additional 6 inches. If not met, most programs have a money-back guarantee if you think that it didn’t work for you.

Understanding the proper techniques in getting that 6-inch increase equates not only to several hours of work-out but it also requires discipline from the athletes themselves. If they become lax at pursuing the processes indicated in their training, the results will be nil.

Achieve your true potential by exactly determining what your potential is. A guide or program that is proven effective should be your only basis.

If you are interested in finding out how to increase your vertical jump, we have a program for you. The Vertical Boost will help you find a program that is right for you and will have you increasing your vertical jump, GUARANTEED. Check us out at

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